Though anti-aging products are key to reducing wrinkles and firming your skin, leading a healthy, nutritious and fresh diet will only help stimulate these results. Certain foods can be considered anti-aging foods (fruits and vegetables) because of their great components and properties that will allow your body to stay youthful. Read on to find out about them!


Very high in vitamin C, its a great component to your diet for helping your skin stay looking young. It also contains coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant that fights the free radicals trying to damage your skin. A lot of people unfortunately do not get enough Q10 in their diets, which results in the deterioration of their skin cells. This also leads to the cells not being equipped with the tools they need to endure stress, and we all know stress is a major contributor of wrinkles. A diet that includes a high level of Q10 will allow your body to repair skin damage quickly, also helping to slow down the aging process.


Spinach is the best choice for when making a fresh salad. Lettuce is usually what people think of, but its nutritional value is nowhere near what spinach contains. Spinach is high in vitamin E, a vitamin that can very commonly be found in anti-aging/wrinkle formulas. The effectiveness of vitamin E in a healthy diet has been proven to promote youthful-looking skin. The powerful antioxidant is also said to decrease wrinkle depth, which will make them a lot less visible.


Very high in vitamin C, like broccoli, oranges are easily mentioned and used when speaking about preventing and even curing illnesses. Research shows that foods high in vitamin C, like oranges, are viable in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. Serving as an antioxidant, Vitamin C also helps to prevent free radicals or tissue-harming molecules from causing skin damage. Vitamin C is also a main component in the producing of collagen, which is imperative to keeping your skin’s elasticity.

These foods are fun, and can be creatively implemented in your diet whether in a simple and quick salad, or a gourmet dinner. Combined with aworkout routine, you will start to notice and feel a positive difference; your body and skin will definitely thank you for it!